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Once Upon A Time....

Went Molly met Paul a fairytale had begun......
Lisa and I  headed off on Friday to the destination wedding for Molly and Paul to be held at the Ramada Eco Beach Resort, Broome. 
A relaxing flight and a bus transfer, driven by Bernie to the resort saw us arrive just in time for a sunset cocktail and a quick spray tan of the bridal party. (Yes I can travel with my spray tan kit)
Very handy indeed.
What a beautiful setting - blue blue ocean, white pebbly sand, great cocktails and a serene ambience. The morning of the wedding saw us take a stroll along the ocean front, indulge in breakfast and great coffee and then off to work.  
We were greeted by our very excited Bride, bridesmaids and groom.  We felt like a part of the family.  
The day flowed smoothly, breath taking scenery, lots of laughter and the moment for them to leave to the Peninsula to become husband and wife.
Our photos below show how the day unfolded.
We are awaiting the ceremony images from Molly and Paul and will post once received.
List of suppliers below.

Hair accessories - Samantha Wills Bridal 
Hair Extensions - WASP HAIR
Wedding Gown - Essence Bridal - Tuscany
Resort - Ramada Eco Beach Resort, Broome 
​Flights - Qantas


One thing I always get a little giggle about is asking a bride about her veil. Usually the answer is "Yes, I have one". A veils role in a wedding is rapidly changing. Brides now are less conforming to tradition and thus have a few decisions to make after deciding which veil to wear......cathedral, fingertip, 2 piece set, mantilla, Edwardian, lace edging, crystals......have I scared you yet? That's the easy part of the decision as your designer will probably decide that for you! The hard part comes when you go to your hair trial.

Occasionally I have a bride who chooses not to wear a veil at all. Usually it's because the entire wedding is a more relaxed affair, a garden cocktail party, a second wedding, a mature bride who isn't comfortable with the whole white wedding concept or it simply doesn't suit the dress. All good reasons not to wear a veil.

If you do choose to wear a veil your next question is how long do you want to wear it on the day? Your choices are usually to leave it on all day and night, take it off before walking into your reception or removing it after your cake cutting and before your first dance. Easy. Make sure the hair stylist shows your bridesmaids how to take the veil out without damaging the "do".

The next question is do you want to wear the veil over your face in the church? Surprisingly this is one answer that many brides these days are saying "No" to. The most common reason I have heard so far are because it's just that one step too far into the bridal world that some brides just aren't comfortable with. Hilariously, a couple of my girls have freaked when just pulling it over their face for a quick photo after the hair is complete! One of my brides mentioned she felt claustrophobic and couldn't cope with it. Again, all good reasons and what I like is that the bride knows herself and what she wants. This is though one answer you want to work out before the wedding day. Grooms and Fathers of the Bride need to be prepared for the famous lifting of the veil. They need to know who is doing it & when they are to do it (does Dad/Groom do it before the ceremony begins so you can see your partner clearly, does the Groom do it before the big kiss?).

Where the veil will go on your head will depend on your choice of hairstyle and the all of the above. You can work that out with your stylist at your trial.

Finally, to veil or not to veil. My only advice is that if you are in any doubt at all, I would recommend wearing it. I don't believe you will ever regret wearing it but you may regret not wearing it.

Happy hunting!!

Fiona & Peterís Wedding

Here are some pictures of a wedding I worked on recently. Enjoy!
(Photography by aimee claire Photography)



Hello & Welcome!

Hello ladies and welcome to my first blog!

Today my goal is to hopefully give you an insight of what to expect on your wedding day. Wedding days for brides are a bit like giving birth, you can prepare all you like but you don't really know what to expect until it happens. Hopefully this will give you a little helping hand to prepare for the day thus making it a smoother ride.

I was speaking with one of my Motherís of the Bride recently, at her daughters hair and make up trial. She told me she wants her daughterís experience and memories to be happy, joyous ones, not just on the wedding day but in the months leading up to it also. So to help you along, let me share with you what I know about the morning of weddings and what to expect, when youíre expected!

A big factor is timing. What a lot of girls don't realise is what time they need to be ready by. Mostly they think they need to be ready around the time they will be leaving for the ceremony. That is not the case. You need to be ready for your photographers arrival which is usually 1:5-2 hours before the wedding. If the wedding is at 1pm, your photographer will arrive at 11-11:30.  That is when you need to be finishing up with hair and makeup. If you have roughly 4 people in the party your start time will be anywhere between 6:30-8am. Ouch! So, one tip is book a later ceremony!

Personally, I don't like my bride to be sitting in the makeup or hair chair when the photographer arrives. It creates too much stress for her as they need to be able to show the photographer details like introductions, where the shoes are, rings, perfumes, dress etc. Also if the bride is ready just before then it allows time for those little things like phone calls, toilet break, a moment with Dad, a glass of champagne! It keeps the bride calm and able to get up to do things, rather than sitting in a chair being held down so the makeup/hair artist can finish! Leave that for a bridesmaid, she has much less to do and worry about.

If your makeup or hair artist is asking for you or your bridesmaid to hop into the chair to start, please be ready. If everyone says, "I just have to brush my teeth, put in my contacts, make a quick call" you will lose precious time. We only allow the amount of time needed without delays so keep the ball rolling.

You will spend an hour having your photos done with the photographer before they need to leave to get to the ceremony before you, so if you aren't ready and in their hands by then, you will be cutting into their time and missing your opportunity to get some special moments with your family.

Food, please arrange for delectable bite size pieces of food for the morning/lunch. It is a long day before you get to eat at the reception and no one wants to hear tummy rumbles during your vows! Also small pieces allow the makeup to hold and not be eaten into.

You will need lipsticks for the day to top up with. Bring a selection on the morning so the makeup artist can help choose what's best for you and your bridesmaids (assuming you need help). I usually recommend a translucent pressed powder to matte down during the day. Blotting papers are also good. Perth weather usually means a bit of sweating, so this will help combat that during your photos.

Finally, read my tips and advice page on my website. It will give you many helpful hints on things to have on the ready for the morning, like Rescue Remedy to relieve anxiety.

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