Wanting a gorgeous glow for your wedding or special event. I've got the tan technician you need to book with.

Weddings, school balls, special events, photo shoots

 Spray tanning for 8 years, Nic has become well known for giving her clients a fantastic tan.  You can trust that your tan will be flawless and her attention to detail is second to none.

With our new range of Bridal & Special event tones Nic can give you a warm natural glow (that just takes the edge off your natural colour and adds warmth to the skin) through to a sun kissed warmth. 

Express Tan, The City Collection and the 8-10 hour activating tans are available. 

To prolong your tan Nic recommends the range of Aviva Products from Skin Glow Tan Extender to the Tan Go exfoliating mitt.  Nic has these products in stock.

Remember the key to a tan that looks natural is preparation and a Tan Technician that's pedantic!!!!


Rachel Starcevich - Aviva Labs Tan Gimme Brown 10%



AVIVA LABS offers the highest quality airbrush sunless tanning solution that delivers beautiful, healthy, natural-looking tans. The unique water-based formula dries quickly, works as an excellent moisturizer and leaves the skin feeling silky after each application. It eliminates spotting and streaking that other solutions leave behind. Even the most sensitive skin will be free from dryness or itchiness often brought on by other liquids.

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