Wedding Day Tips & Advice

Over the years the brides I have found to be the most relaxed. Chilled brides - who are organized. Who can delegate. Who are okay to relinquish control. Who can look at the big picture rather than that singular moment of "what? She wants to wear white to my wedding?!" Or "Please DO NOT mention the rain again!"

If you can achieve some form of mental stillness amid these moments by looking at the big picture. You will find the moments that become memories, will only be happy ones. Below are a few handy hints to help you prepare for the day and make it wonderful.

1. Timing....the most important aspect of the day. Be ready for the arrival of your makeup and hair stylists. Make them run run late.

2. Bach's Rescue Remedy is an effective nerve calmer and homeopathic, so it is safe to use. It really does work. Use it plentifully.

3. Bach's Rescue Remedy for sleep is also helpful to put your mind in a pleasant, calm state rather than flashing thoughts and dreams of pyjamas at the altar.

4. Executive stress vitamin B for calming the adrenal glands below the chin will help prevent those "stress breakouts" around the chin, lower face region.

5. Don't wax or have facials 7 days before the wedding. Leave your skin to breathe and clear. Waxing removes the top layer of skin and makeup finds it difficult to hold in these areas. Also sometimes tiny lumps may occur from the wax being overly warm.




6. PLEASE remember to turn your volume back up on your mobile. It is amazing how many mornings I have tried to call brides who have turned their phones off to sleep in the morning and forgot to turn them back on. Set a separate alarm for this reason, if necessary.

7. Have all your contact numbers of suppliers, venues, friends helping out, groomsmen phone numbers on a list so its available for anyone to help check on deliveries, decorations, which side the button holes should be etc.

8. Have a towel ready to soak up the water from the base of the bouquets to prevent spotting on the dresses.

9. Drop any bra straps down from the shoulders at least an hour before the photographer is due to arrive to remove red lines.

10. Have your lipsticks ready for the makeup artist to use. Even if she uses her own you will still need a top up for during the day. Also a pressed powder is handy for warm, sweaty days or overly oily skin. Blot papers are also a good alternative.

11. Straws......they keep the lippy on the lips and off the champagne flutes!

12. Think about your menu for the morning. Bite size pieces of food that you can place in your mouth are best. This way you keep your makeup clean. Avoid garlic & onion for obvious reasons.(I'm sure my beautiful Italian brides will throw that piece of advice to the wind!)

13. Music, be it calming or uplifting always adds atmosphere.

14. Rub lips at night in the shower when wet with your fingers to get them prepped for soft juicy lips on the day. Wet Green tea bags are also a winner.

14. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Brides are busy enough as it is on the day so remove some of the stress.

15. Print speeches on nice paper so they can be retained for keepsakes.

16. Scuff shoes to prevent slipping.

17. Fake tans are best done 2 days before the wedding and not slept in.

18. Clothes need to drop down, not up over the head. Kimonos, sarongs and strapless dresses are best.

Stay tuned for more tips soon.